The Manetini Colour Sample Program (MCS) allows you to try before you buy.  Finally, the security of proper colour matching! The MCS Program is an easy way to make sure YOU are in control of the hair colour you are looking for.

Trying to colour match your hair online can be challenging at times as multiple phone & computer screens can display different hues & light leaving you frustrated if you receive the incorrect colour.

It is always strongly advised to colour match with a hair sample. Rewarding yourself this way will give you the trust of never being disappointed with your purchase.

How the MCS Program works

Purchase a Manetini Colour Sample(s).
Match to the sample(s).
Return the sample(s) within 7 business days.
Once Manetini receives the sample, your account will be then be credited including the standard shipping fee of ($15) towards your Manetini purchase.

    NOTE: Once you receive your sample, you have 7 business days to match & return the sample to credit it to your account. Track your shipment as Manetini is not responsible for lost shipments. No more guessing. Reward yourself, it's that easy! 

     Purchase a Hair Sample